Dance Teacher & Researcher | Instructor | Choreographer | Dancer

Contemporary | Jazz | Modern | Classical | Modern Jazz | Lyrical Jazz | Awakening and Initiation

*Nationally certified dance teacher in France

Dance Teacher & Researcher | Instructor | Choreographer | Dancer

Contemporary | Jazz | Modern | Classical | Modern Jazz | Lyrical Jazz | Awakening and Initiation

*Nationally certified dance teacher in France
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Week Master Class in Paris | Studio Harmonic

July 2021, Monday 5th to Friday 9th

Beginner / Pre - Intermediate

Monday - 14h/15h30

Wednesday - 14h/15h30

Intermediate / advanced

Tuesday - 14h/15h30

Thursday - 14h/15h30

Friday - 14h/15h30

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Lyrical, What is it ?

Lyrical dance is a new emerging style. It blends musicality and rhythm all while using both the softness of movement and the notion of unpredictability. A gentle blend of jazz, classical and contemporary, lyrical dance is characterized by elaborate movements that require control and agility. The songs used are mostly music from series and films. Mixing action and emotion.

A fluid dance punctuated by ruptures.

Class contents
How does it work?

What happens in a dance class?
A dance class consists of 3 parts. 1st part: Warm-up in order to prepare and “wake up” the body. 2nd part: Learning a choreographic sequence. 3rd and final part: Stretching at the end of the class in order to prevent soreness and slow the heart rate.

What should I wear to a dance class?
It is highly recommended that you dress comfortably in clothes that allow you to move freely:
- On top: T-shirt (tight if possible), tank top, jacket/sweater (only at the beginning during the warm-up)
- On bottom: Sweatpants (tight if possible), leggings, exercise shorts. - For the feet: Socks or barefoot (NO shoes! 👟👠=❌) Of course, it is possible to start out with multiple “layers” of clothing and to remove them little by little (especially in winter). Keep in mind that it is necessary to see your body during the dance class in order to correct yourself. As such, you should avoid wearing clothes that are too baggy. Otherwise, to each their own.

What should I bring to a dance class?
It is highly recommended that you bring the following: - A bottle of water 🥤(it cannot be repeated enough: this is necessary to nourish the muscles and prevent painful soreness as much as possible! You’ve been warned. 🙂) - A small towel (to wipe off any sweat between exercises) - A snack 🍫 Otherwise, to each their own. 🙃 ⚠️ Please silence your phone during the dance class (if you are expecting an important call 📵 or in case of problems, please notify me before the class). Now you know everything and you’re ready for your next class!

Class Playlist

Address :
Studio Harmonic
5 passage des taillandiers - 75011 Paris
Stop : Bastille | Metro : 1, 5, 8.

  Cost :
1 Class (or ticket) 18 € / 1h30
10 classes - 140 €+ 35€ (annual registration) = 175 € (valid for 3 months)



And You, What Do You Feel INSIDE?

🕺 Style : Lyrical - Niveau : Intermédiaire 
📽 Video director : Fabrice Chardigny
🎵 Music : Red rosamond & Chris Avantgarde
📍 Studio : Edac - Lyon | France🇫🇷

Dream State

🕺 Style : Lyrical - Niveau : Intermédiaire 
🎵 Music : Dream State de Son Lux
📍 Studio : Studio Harmonic - Paris | France🇫🇷

Two Windows

🕺 Style : Lyrical - Niveau : Intermédiaire 
🎵 Music : Two Windows par Lali Puma
📍 Studio : School Of Arts Los ANGELES - Somebodae - Los Angeles | USA 🇺🇸

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Mathieu BOSSOS

  • Dance Teacher 

  • Director of Education for the Dance Department at Conservatory

  • Dance instructor

  • Dance anthropology researcher

  • Choreographer

  • Dancer

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His work

based on a mix of energetic movements together with expressionist and rhythmic dance. Hence, it is a dance full of contrasts and nuances that allows the body to find its own path. His work is closely tied to the Humphrey/Limón technique.

Feel the qualities and the expressiveness of each gesture in order to make it appreciable, perceptible and vibrant.




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"Sharing, exchanging a subject that you have nurtured your entire life.
Constantly learning, not being afraid to challenge yourself. Establishing a connection between student, dance and teacher.
Making others aware of movement using the emotions, sensations and qualities that flow through us."

Mathieu BOSSOS


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