• Dance teacher
• Choreographer
• Dancer

Teaching values

• Pleasure
• Autonomy
• Confidence

Dance Styles

• Contemporary
• Jazz
• Awakening & initiation
• Modern Jazz
• Lyrical Jazz
• Street Jazz


Dance Teacher | Instructor | Choreographer | Dancer | Trainer

His name is Mathieu. He was born on February 28th in Lyon - France. He began to dance at the age of 3 as a baby dancer.
Since then, he never stopped dancing.

At the age of 11, he was part of the Junior High School Student association and created the school Dance Class. He managed this class during 4 years and at the same time integrated the drama specialty classes. He thus decided to build his future on his passion for lively art. His mother and sister motivated him into studying further and he integrated high school, following dance option classes. He thus discovered a dance with more codes than the urban ones he got used to.
After graduating in 2013, he integrated the training for the French Contemporary Dance Technical Ability Exam (E.A.T.) at the Ballet Academy. It was a brilliant success.

During his studies, Mathieu kept on teaching dance in local associations, but also created local gatherings for major events that where taking place in the city.
Once he got his E.A.T., Mathieu decided to integrate EPSE DANCE training center (run by Marie Porras and Rudy Bryans) then ’Desoblique’ training center in Lyon, to validate his skills for dance teaching, through the French Dance Teacher National Diploma. He graduated in 2017.

At the same time, he kept on teaching within the most important dance schools for non professional dancers in Montpellier.

Mathieu is now settled in Los Angeles (CA) to go forward with his career and develop further intercultural skills.

Written by Sandra Heyde

Contemporary Dance Teacher French National Diploma

degree as a Contemporary Dance Teacher (French National Diploma). I benefit from a thorough knowledge of anatomy, dance history (american/french/german), music and educational skills for all level and ages.

Dance Technical Ability Exam

Holder of the E.A.T. in contemporary dance with jury’s congratulations

High School Litterature Diploma - Dance specialty

High School Litterature Diploma with award.
Dance speciality option

Youth worker qualication

Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur (B.A.F.A.)

« Share and exchange knowledge and practices that one nurtures during a life time.
Continuously learn and question yourself.
Build a link between students, dance and teacher.
Be conscious of the movement thanks to emotion, sensation and qualities going through your body. » 


Teaching values


The will to discover and learn with enthusiasm. Gradually Build the consciousness of the body through the pleasure and sensation. Develop projects to discover both choreographic and artistic cultures.

Make dance accessible to anybody.


Learning is an important journey. The most important thing is to use « dance » to serve your one gesture. Be able to developper your own vocabulary, take initiatives and pass the pleasure for dancing on. Reuse in a different way all of our experiences and question them.


Self- and each other- confidence its important to peacefully progress.
Listening, caring and respect each other.
Value and notivate depending on indivual abilities, so as to grow overpass, develop yourself at your on pace.


Dance Styles


Contemporary dance is rich in culture and diversity. It has developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, it has kept on transforming itself and developing various faces depending on the country, the period and historical context.
From Theatre Dancing to Merce Cunningham academicism, all the way through the search for mythology, and as diverse and complex as it could be, Contemporary Dance will make you feel and experience your body.
Feeling of the movement, qualities and commitment to various tonic effects.


Ballet arises from a separation between vernacular dance and noble dance. This dance has been named by its so-called « Classical » positions. It was the introduction shows to Court Ballet, Comedy or Tragedy Ballets and romantic Ballets. However, vernacular Dances, as Bourrée Auvergante, Gigue, Pavane, are still part of it.
A dance full of history, requiring rigour. The illusion of eazyness.

Lyrical Jazz

Lyrical jazz is a mix of Jazz and Contemporary techniques. It shall not be confused with Modern Jazz. It gathers musicality and rythm while using the movement sweetness as well as its impredictability.
A fluid dance punctuated with disruptions.

Awakening & initiation

Dance for Children start to 4 years old until 8 years old.
After 8 years old, children must choose a specificity (Contemporary, Jazz, Classical, ...)
Space discovery and body control construction.
Sensitivity and artistic expression development through fun and musical themes.
Learn the basics of Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance styles. 


Jazz Dance comes from the Afro-American culture. It is a tonic and musical dance, with a specific vocabulary, enabling dancers to experience their bodies in a different way than that of Contemporary Dance and Ballet, through isolations, syncopated and disjointed rythms… Here is what establishes the difference with traditional jazz dance: Feel your body vibrating to the rythm of current jazz Music and respect the origin of this dance.
Body, Dynamics and Precision Development

Street Jazz

Street jazz is born from the fusion of Jazz and Hip-Hop dance techniques. It is based on today’s popular musics and switches from slow movements to rapid ones. Street Jazz is used in music videos for Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna or Britney Spear… This dance brings a lot of diversity and dynamism.
Dynamic, Fun, Sensuality.


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